2017 VBS Preregistration Form

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Who may pick up your child at the end of each day of VBS? (required) - If there will be a regular pick up person then please just list their first and last name (if not a parent or emergency contact, then list phone number after last name). If there will be multiple pick up person then please list the first name, last name, and phone number along with the days they have permission to pick up your child.

Allergies or other medical conditions (required)

Family Doctor - please list first name, last name, and phone number

Age or School Grade Just Completed (required)

Name of Church, if any

Name of pastor

Permission to photograph and video your child (required)

I hereby grant permission for Brushy Fork Baptist Church to photograph and/or video my child, [child-name], and use those pictures and/or video for a highlight video and/or slideshow on their website for informational and promotional purposes.

Any other comments

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